Fish 'n' Trips - Guided  Fiordland trout fishing trips.

Fiordland River Guides. Wilderness fly fishing guides. Fly fish for trout in a World Heritage Park! Fiordland River Guides
Te Anau New Zealand
Ph: +64 3 249 7656

Our Location - Te Anau

The World Heritage Area, Fiordland National Park is the largest national park in New Zealand. With an area of approximately 3 million acres of podocarp rain forest and offering some of the most rugged and spectacular scenery in the world.

Te Anau is the holiday resort town of Fiordland. Accommodation varies from deluxe hotels to self-contained motels, home stays, farm stays and camping grounds.

Climate: The annual rainfall varies between 45 inches (1100mm) in the eastern regions up to 300 inches! (7,500mm) in the western areas. Average daytime temperatures during the the fishing season are: in November 60-65oF (16 - 19oC), in January 75oF (23oC) and in March 60-65oF (16-19oC)

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